Al Ain Mall

Shopping Centre

Al Ain Mall is Al Ain’s premier shopping and leisure destination opened as early as 2001. Soon, it became an integral part of Al Ain’s identity and daily life. The Mall is accredited with unchallenged supremacy both in retail and entertainment, which is still retained even after two decades of inception. Built over an area exceeding 2,500,000 Sq.ft.. Al Ain Mall is home to 350 world-renowned shops and 60 restaurants and coffees unique only to Al Ain Mall.

The glamorous mall hosts more than 12 million visitors a year, 55% of which are UAE nationals.

In addition to the wide-ranging choices in fashion offered by celebrated regional-international brands, delectable selection of restaurants & Cafes the Mall also offers soothing comforts and outstanding convenience by providing more than 3,000 covered parking spread over 3 basement levels.

Al Ain Mall also enjoys unique privileges like “the only mall named after the City-Al Ain”, “the only mall located in the downtown and closest to the Omani border”. Also, with its expansive architecture, striking angular fade reflecting the historical significance and heritage of Al Ain, the Mall is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Al Ain.

Known as the “ever-active mall” Al Ain Mall runs year-round promotions and campaigns offering luxurious grand prizes that make the shopping a truly rewarding experience.


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